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Preserving the Legacy

Bronzing the Statue

With the blessing of the original artists, the foundation seeks to preserve the sculpture of John Peters Humphrey as public art by replacing the wooden bench with stone and by having the wooden sculpture bronzed.

Simply put, John Peters Humphrey is showing his age. After over thirteen years of exposure to the elements, his wooden likeness is showing serious deterioration. This was to be expected as an art piece created out of wood, and over the years the Foundation at its own expense has had repairs and touch-ups done as needed. In later years, a winter cover was built for the most extreme weather and the original wooden laminated bench was covered. But there comes a point in time when that is not enough and when something more permanent must be done. That point has come.

Throughout the year, the sculpture site is a draw for people to sit alongside the figure of Humphrey in quiet thought. The two, three-meter sandstone monoliths that form part of the site have articles of the declaration carved into it in English, French, and Mi’kmaq languages, and surrounding interpretive panels tell the story of Humphrey, his history, and his worldly accomplishments.


Visitors to our town seek out the site. John Peters Humphrey has been woven into our town’s tourism messaging and this public art piece has been a catalyst for other works of art in our town with human rights/environmental messaging. Young and old alike learn about what human rights are in a tangible way in our town and beyond. We want to preserve all of that and continue to build upon it.


Estimated Total Project Cost:                                                                  $161,785                                                   

Phase 1      November 2020 to March 31, 2022                                  $24,103

  • Architectural drawings

  • Engineering consultations and drawings

  • Procurement of additional sandstone supports

  • Granite bench purchased and constructed

  • Repair/upgrade lighting at the site

  • Repair and update interpretive panels

  • Communication with the foundry and Artists throughout


Phase 2      April 1, 2022 to March 30, 2023                                           $137,683

  • Removal of the sculpture and existing bench

  • Required repairs to the sculpture prior to bronzing

  • Transportation of the sculpture to the selected foundry

  • Construction of the foundation for the new bench and sculpture

  • Bronzing at the foundry

  • Return and installation of the sculpture (December 2022)

  • Site restoration

  • Installation of a donor recognition panel

Project Complete   April 30, 2023

Join us to celebrate the completion of this project with an unveiling cerermony planned for Sunday, April 30, 2023. John Peters Humphrey was born in Hampton on April 30, 1905.  Preserving the legacy of John Peters Humphrey and his contributions to Human Rights around the world is central to the mission of the Foundation. The Credo is a place to gather, reflect and acknowledge our beautiful town and how we can advocate for the protection of human rights for all. 


The ceremony will start with an invitation to walk the Dove Pathway, an art installation project highlighting the Articles of the Declaration of Human Rights done by local students. The opening remarks will commence at 1pm on the lawn of the Town of Hampton Town Hall, next to the Credo site. A time capsule will also be sealed and include items recognizing the state of human rights today to be opened and reflected upon in 75 years. 


All are welcome to join for a reception and chance to celebrate this immediately following the ceremony to be held in the Council Chambers of the Town Hall. Light refreshments served. 


For more information please contact us at

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