Bloomin' Artists

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When consideration was being given to what type of signature event the foundation would create to raise money to carry out its mission, founding member John Murphy suggested an event that embodied Humphrey himself: his love of nature, appreciation of art in all forms, and strong sense of community.


Hampton and surrounding area is home to an incredible number of talented artists that are locally, nationally and internationally renowned, and the natural beauty of this community presents artists with unparalleled inspiration. Whether the art form is painting, drawing, sculpting, jewellery making, pottery or other, there is inspiration in the parks, gardens, river, marsh, trails and architecture in and around this beautiful town. It seemed only natural that an event would revolve around the arts. The event would be held in the middle of summer when flowers and foliage were at their height so John Murphy, being British, suggested the name Bloomin’ Artists and it stuck.



Bloomin’ Artists invites artists to fan out into the surrounding environs to create small works of art that are then sold by silent auction. The artists get to showcase themselves and their talent and the bidders obtain original works of art that are affordable to them. The event is held over two days and as the artists give of their time and talent, the proceeds are divided between the artists and the foundation.


For those artists who wish to participate in it, there is a Bloomin’ Project component that consists of giving the artists a bare wooden item to paint in advance. These items are then also sold by silent auction and in the past the item has been a bird house, a tray, a fish and a garden tote to name a few. Also organized is a Bloomin’ Kids activity where younger children create and take home their own masterpieces.


Initially held every year, this community engaging event is now held every two years.

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