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John Humphrey

Historica's acclaimed one-minute movies about Canadian history.

The John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights

This website features a profile of John Peters Humphrey and an overview of the Centre's human rights initiatives.


Canadian drafts human rights declaration

A CBC Radio feature about John Humphrey and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


An Animated Declaration

View a lively animated version of the rights set forth in the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights.” Just  one of the many interactive features devoted to the exploration of human rights available at the website for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. See also the multimedia profile of distinguished Canadian diplomat John Peters Humphrey, who was instrumental in the creation of this landmark document.


John Humphrey Freedom Award

The John Humphrey Freedom Award, presented to an organization or person who has made an outstanding contribution to the promotion of human rights and democratic development. From the Rights & Democracy website.


John Peters Humphrey

A virtual online exhibit devoted to the life and career of John Peters Humphrey, the first Director of the Human Rights Division in the United Nations Secretariat. From the website for the McGill University Archives.


Universal Declaration of Human Rights

View a digitized copy of the first page of the third draft of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, showing John Peters Humphrey’s annotations. From the “” website. Humphrey was not recognized as the "Father of the Modern Human Rights System" until his original drafts of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights were discovered at McGill University by acting law librarian A.J. Hobbins. - (as taken from the McGill Archives John Peters Humphrey: Citizen of the World virtual exhibit)


The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Origins, Drafting, and Intent

View excerpts from Johannes Morsink’s book “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Origins, Drafting, and Intent.” From
Google Books.


Peace Magazine

A quarterly Canadian magazine devoted to peacemaking, disarmament, conflict resolution, global stability, and related concerns. Offers online articles and letters from current and previous editions (from January 1983 to present). Also, the first Canadian magazine to be produced with desktop publishing software. From the Canadian Disarmament Information Service.

Credo 2012

The making of the Credo to honour John Peters Humphrey and his contribution in Hampton, NB. Short video of the unveiling in 2012.

The Boy who was Bullied

 Authored by Anne Huestis Scott, a retired elementary music teacher who has written six children’s musicals, including Peace Cranes – which highlights human rights and the life of John Peters Humphrey.

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