Hampton Schools and Human Rights

The tradition of human rights education in Hampton schools has gone hand in hand with a social activism built on respect for the rights and freedoms of all peoples. The following school projects are examples of this activism and of Hampton�s commitment to the human rights legacy of John Peters Humphrey.

Peace Cranes

In April of 2000, Hampton Elementary School presented Peace Cranes 2000. The musical, based on the life of John Peters Humphrey, was written and produced by teachers Anne Scott and Donna Veniot. On December 10, 2000, Hampton Elementary School was the recipient of the New Brunswick Human Rights Award. 

Gift for Africa

The Gift for Africa Project (Oct.1999) was a joint school effort involving eight schools in the Hampton area. Over a two week period, students collected 37 cubic metres of used toys, books, bikes and soccer balls � enough to fill a 40 foot container. This was then shipped, with the help of local Rotary Clubs, to underprivileged children in the black townships of South Africa. 

Fast Blast

Beginning in April 2000, a tradition of an annual fundraising Arts Weekend (FAST BLAST) has been established at Hampton High School. Approximately $3000 has been raised by the students for each of the following causes since 2000:

AIDS Orphans in South Africa; Child Victims of Landmines in Nicaragua, UNICEF�s Back to School Campaign in Afghanistan; The Jakarta Centre for Street Children in Indonesia; The Rabinal School Project in Guatemala; and SEVOTA, a support group for orphans and widows of the 1994 Rwandan genocide.


Amnesty International

Founded in Canada by John Peters Humphrey in 1973, Amnesty International Canada can boast over 65,000 supporters. Hampton AI groups, both within the community and the high school, work diligently through letter-writing campaigns and social justice events, in support of human rights defenders in Colombia and prisoners of conscience throughout the world. 

The Green Team

This hands-on student environmental group operates at Hampton High School. Co-ordinated by the Art Dept., the Green Team, through its recycling efforts, raises money in support of social justice initiatives within the school. 

Between the Lines

Art students at Hampton High School produced and curated their own human rights art exhibit entitled Between The Lines. Their art works were on view to the public in Gallery 3 of the New Brunswick Museum from June to September 2000. Hampton native John Humphrey was given a special place in the exhibition. 

Piggs Peak Twinning Project

The visit to HHS by an AIDS activist from Swaziland inspired residents from the Town of Hampton to set up a twinning relationship with the town of Piggs Peak, Swaziland. Hampton High School is �twinned� with Fundukuela High School. To date students have sent soccer equipment and have assisted in the organization of a coffee house that raised money for this AIDS-affected town. 

Guest Speakers

Speakers present their views on a wide range of human rights related topics. Speakers, such as Guillermo Chen Morales, have provided the knowledge and the inspiration that lead students to activism. In 2003, students raised approximately $3000.00 that went toward the construction of a school in Rabinal, Guatemala.