�It is strange how when unoccupied my mind tends to fix itself on some event or scene connected with Hampton. Thus tonight at dinner I happened to look at a picture on the wall which contained amongst other things a rowing boat. My mind began to picture �the boat� at Hampton and a whole series of other pictures connected with Hampton came
up. And when I dream (no matter what about) the background is always Hampton.�

Diaries of John Humphrey

John Humphrey, 1905-1995

  • wrote the first draft of the UN Declaration of Human Rights, 1947
  • was the first Director of the UN Human Rights Division, 1946
  • was the founding President of the Canadian Human Rights Foundation, 1967
  • was the founder of Amnesty International Canada, 1973
  • became an Officer of the Order of Canada, 1974
  • was founding President of the Canadian Chapter of the International Commission of Jurists
  • was Director of the International League for Human Rights
  • received 13 honourary doctorates from universities around the world
  • was honoured by a stamp issued by Canada Post, 1998
  • several national and international human rights awards bear his name